Male Masterbation guide

Visualizing Sexual Fantasies

About 94% of males experience masterbation before their 20 years (according to the UON Statistics), seen on another fact is sure is that males are more inclined to masterbate than females, and that for several reasons, the obvious one is that the eye stimulation is ten times stronger in males than females.

According to some medical studies a healthy male feel the urge to have an orgasm four times per week, this number is just a mean some men feel the urge more than four others less. The orgasm is one, but the ways to reach it and the masterbation techniques are several, every male develop his own ways to get aroused, to use his fantasies, where and when to do it.

masterbate with their hands

Male Masterbation guide

Most males masterbate with their hands, using lubrifiants to make the rubbing easy. While at the same time visualizing sexual fantasies or watching something triggering their sexual desire which are the most important part of the process. Once the excitation and arousing attain certain level the orgasm and the ejaculation occur.

After the ejaculation, the erection disappear, no erection is possible for a moment, this moment is between 10 to 20 minutes for young males around 20 years and it increases gradually to attain three days around 70 years.

Male Masterbation : Length of the penis

Masterbation has no effect in the length or form of the penis, whether you masterbate or not it won’t get any bigger neither smaller. At the end of puberty the penis takes its final form.

Male Masterbation

Male Masterbation : premature ejaculation

If you have being programming your body mechanism to reach an orgasm quickly, let’s say in four to five minutes through masterbation, for so many years how could you expect it to take any longer once with a partner (especially for those who never had sex before).

Sorry to scare you but some males masterbated so much and so wrongly that they can have an orgasm before even taking their paints off once they are in front of naked girl. So as a first tip never use wrong masterbation techniques.

Male Masterbation Tips

Although a great proportion of people have masterbated at sometime of their lives, only few of them dare to talk about it. For some reasons misinformation still surrounds masterbation like virtually no other topic. One fact is sure is that masterbation is not harmful for your body as long as you are doing it in a right way. Here is some male masterbation tips to do it right.

Male Masterbation Tips

Male Masterbation Tips > one : Don't lose control ...

All of us know how it feels so wonderful when we have an orgasm, so as long as it feels good why don’t we do it over and over everyday? And here lies the risk, when we masterbate over and over we tend to lose control of it, therefore masterbation becomes a compulsive need. A compulsive need is not a natural desire, not to mention how harmful it is.

When you masterbate out of a compulsive call you are not satisfying a natural normal desire, instead you become a slave of a tenacious habit that is very hard to overcome. So the first male masterbation tip is to make masterbation a very small part of your life, and concentrate on your goals and dreams. Take look female mastrebation tips.

Male Masterbation Tips > two : Don't get aroused wrong way ...

Surfing in the adult web sites is enjoyable don’t you agree? But it’s not good neither healthy to spend hours in front of naked women and that for two reasons. First of all by watching excessively porn you will program your mind in a very wrong way. Once your mind is filled with those pictures you will experience erections so many times, you can even lose control of it, which in some situations will be very embarrassing.

The second reason is that when you associate masterbation to adult websites, this duo is a very powerful stimulator that can take a big part of your thinking and life, and you may end up losing control of masterbation and your life. We may even another destructive consequence of over watching porn is that some males start preferring masterbation and porn movie rather than having a normal sexual relation with a female, which is the sign of a serious sickness. The second male masterbation tips is to avoid pornographic materials as much as possible.