Female Masterbation

Visualizing Sexual Fantasies

Although most females begin masterbation at a later age compared to most males, about two thirds of adult women of a sexually active ages report that they masterbate at least occasionally. There are several ways of female masterbation, rubbing the clitoris is the habitual way for a woman to get sexually aroused, touching the breasts, the vulva and eventually by penetrating fingers or sexual toys in the vagina.

The female rubs her clitoris with her fingers slowly or fast according to her sensibility, for some females contracting muscles (crossed legs) make the sexual excitation increase, and it all end up with a wonderful thing called orgasm. Volume pills have been created with the one particular goal in mind and that's to increase the overall sperm volume. In addition, both men and women can expect more enjoyable sexual experiences and orgasms. Buy Volume pills right now and prepare to start the sexual journey of your life. females contracting muscles

Female masterbation: the why?

In female world the sexual desire is more linked to their emotional state, so the physical stimulation is not always enough to turn a woman on, that’s why girls seldom use masterbation as a substitute of a normal sexual relation. In fact, females’ masterbate more when they are in love than when they are alone, it’s like love and healthy emotional state are the buttons that turn them on.

How to improve your sexual satisfaction?

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Female masterbation in numbers (according to the UOA report)

  • 93% of females who masterbate started it before 20 years.
  • More than 47% of them masterbate everyday
  • Only 22% use sex toys, most of the time a vibrator
  • 72% of them take less than 10 min to reach an orgasm.

Benefits of female masterbation

Naturally the first benefit of female masterbation is the pleasure and that wonderful feeling called orgasm.

When you suffer from insomnia it helps you get to sleep There is no risk of pregnancy, and if you do it right there will be no risks of disease too.

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The Solo Pleasure By Dr. Lara Cambel

Masterbation is the most frequently practiced sexual behavior in the world. Yet there are surprisingly few books written about masterbation, and most have been written in the past thirty years. Whether you’re looking for ideas on masterbation techniques, or you want to know the history of masterbation myths or taboos, you’ll likely find something of interest in this Amazing Masterbation Book.

Loosing virginity

Loosing virginity

Virginity, a word that lost a lot of his noble meanings, loosing virginity is no longer such a big deal as it was before and as it should be. Instead of feeling proud for still being virgin girls feel ashamed, that’s really bad. The good news is that this isn’t your fault; it’s the consequences of sexual degeneration.

Some girls feel so ashamed that they lose their virginity by using toys. Isn’t it disgusting? A virgin girl is an angel, a virgin boy is a clean being, virginity is meant to be lost after marriage, and there is no other way. It may seem extreme to you but that’s the truth. Premarital sex is the first cause of failure in long term couple relation; it’s the cause of broken families.

By 2020 UK government expect that one child out of three will live with only one of his parents. Do you know the proportion of broking homes in USA? All this statistics are the strongest argument that sexual degeneration was an evil idea.

If you lost your virginity their reader, still there is hope for you, just clean yourself again. If you still virgin, don’t make loosing virginity a mission. I want you to feel fortunate and lucky, keep on until marriage, I suggest that you look for a virgin partner, and I guarantee you an amazing family life. I want you to give up the instant gratification in exchange for a big and lasting one.