Consequences of over Masterbation

Visualizing Sexual Fantasies

Like affective-spiritual function, Freud affirms that sex is the product of the union of a man and a woman who love and complement each other.

That's why, Freud calls masterbation The SOLITARY VICE (because the other person does not exist but in imagination). The masterbating one imagines a woman if he is man, and vice versa if she is woman and masterbate in the name of him/her.

Exhaustion is multiplied, because it is sexual and cerebral. That image of the woman is impregnated in the subconscious mind and revived during the unconscious process of dream, originating the involuntary NOCTURNAL POLLUTIONS, that is, the more a person masterbates the more nocturnal pollutions he will have.


The external temperature of the human body is 98°F, but the internal is 100°F and this increases with masterbation. When the adolescent finishes masterbating, a peristaltic movement of absorption takes place and by effect of the emptiness, the seminal vesicle tries to fill and humid air is absorbed through the penis which is later absorbed from the seminal vesicle to the lymphatic system, arriving at the brain producing a thermal shock and cold spaces between the cerebral neurons and cells and this affects cerebral, physical and nervous normality. Seminal vesicle could absorb sperms instead of air, but this is not possible because sperms have already been expelled; besides, it is easier to suck air than liquid.

Concerning this cold air absorbed by the masterbating one, SAMAEL AUN WEOR, philosopher, anthropologist, esoteric scholar, sexologist and contemporary psychologist, in the chapter "Sexology" of his book DIDACTIC OF SELF-KNOWLEDGE, affirms: "Concerning masterbating ones, you certainly know what the vice of masterbation is.

When somebody masturbates, is committing a crime against nature. After entity of semen has been ejaculated, it remains such a peristaltic movement in the phallus, this is known by every man. When masterbating, cold air is absorbed by the phallus with the peristaltic movement. This goes later to the brain, therefore many cerebral faculties are exhausted. Innumerable men have become insane because of the abominable vice of masterbation.

A full air brain is a stupid brain in a one hundred percent. So, we condemned this vice in a one hundred percent".

Sperms contain DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), carrier of the heredity genetic code and determinative for the sexual aspect; RNA (Ribonucleic Acid), enzymes, proteins, glucosides, lecithin, calcium, phosphorus, biological salts, testosterone, etc.

when masterbation is carried out, all of these components are extracted from the organism which does not allow a normal development when is during adolescence, because this same energy is the one that is going to help him/her to develop.

Masterbation exhausts the calcium of the organism causing pains in the bones and fatigue in the legs. Strong bones indicate virility. It is known that red cells aThe masterbating adolescentnd platelets are formed in the bony marrow. does not allow a good formation of his/her bony marrow and this brings consequences to him/her for the rest of life.

When exhausting the phosphorus by masterbation, nervous problems and tremors are generated. With masterbation lecithin is exhausted too, and this generates nervous exhaustion, that is a general lethargy of nerves.